PME Professional Royal Icing Diploma

The main focus of this diploma course is on piped techniques.  Students also learn how to coat cakes with royal icing.  The first half of the diploma concentrates on learning techniques to a professional standard and then students take these skills and translate them into cake designs.  Students will have plenty of opportunity to explore and develop their creative side and have the freedom to interpret the skills learnt into their own style of cake decorating.

The most traditional form of icing, Royal icing is experiencing a real come back especially piped designs which lend themselves superbly to vintage and shabby chic applications.  If you aim to sell cakes, the ability to pipe will add a real value to your cakes.  A key skill covered in the diploma course is how to pipe an inscription directly onto your cakes.

All the work done will be carried out on rich fruit cakes (ideally suited to royal icing) and dummy cakes.  Your tutor will discuss as the course progresses which of the piping techniques could be incorporated into sugar paste designs. There is discussion on aspects of business practice and creative styling essential to any cake decorator whose ambition it is to make and sell cakes or to work in the cake industry.

  • Basic Techniques
  • Coating, Templates & Scroll Borders
  • Inscriptions
  • Core piping skills – shells, beads, lines, dots/ bulbs, rope borders
  • Simple piped flowers and leaves
  • Run out Collars & Motifs
  • Extension Borders & Lace Designs
  • Brush Embroidery
  • Cake Balance & Multi-Tiered Cakes
  • Packaging, Transport & Delivery Costs
  • Pricing Guidelines
  • Delivery charges
  • Assembly & Presentation


Saturday 30 September

Sunday 1 October

Saturday 7 October

Sunday 8 October

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Sat 30 Sep

9.30am - 4.00pm



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