My passion for cake baking and decorating began 10 years ago with the decision to learn something new. I’ve always enjoyed being creative and after my first cake course I was hooked.

I wanted to do something new and more challenging with what I had learnt and it did not take long to convince my husband and business partner Spencer to turn my hobby into our business.

On 10th September 2014 we opened the doors for our adventure to begin. Now 19 months later we have become independent and have rebranded as Pashley’s Cake Emporium.

Spencer has attended numerous courses with me and works at Pashley’s Cake Emporium both on the shop floor and behind the scenes so he is now able to answer lots of questions our customers have. Our son Max who’s 15 also has the cake bug, wanting to do all our courses and baking a cake at every excuse, not just birthday’s but if he can make a cake as homework he will. Our daughter Millie who’s 12 would prefer to taste test at the moment.

With me (Kellie), Spencer, Between us we have a vast collection of baking and decorating knowledge.

Spencer & Kellie Pashley

We are proud of the knowledge we are able to pass on to our customers and we are always here to help and advise you on your cake creations.