How to bake the perfect fruit cake

Discover the secrets to baking the perfect fruit cake, great for any occasion!

Firstly use a good recipe (the rich fruit cake recipe card is ideal) This is a truly outstanding recipe. We receive so many compliments about this one, from venues telling us how beautifully it cuts to customers who cannot believe that they had so many asking for second helpings. This recipe will make you insanely popular with true cake connoisseurs.

Secondly, weigh your ingredients carefully.

Thirdly, it is always a good idea to soak your fruits prior to baking, for at least 24 hours. We like to use brandy, this also acts as a preservative but you could use rum, sherry or whisky. If you don’t like alcohol or for religious reasons, you could use orange juice or cold tea as an alternative.

Always line your cake tin carefully. Whilst your fruit cake is baking we recommend the ‘Bake Even Strips’ to ensure good heat distribution and an even bake. These are particularly good for larger cakes which are in the oven for longer.

And, most importantly, always check your cake is cooked through by checking with a cake tester. Do try several times because sometimes you could place the tester in a moist raisin and this could give you an incorrect reading.

Pour additional alcohol over your cake once it has cooled, wrap in 2 layers of greaseproof paper and foil and then store upside down for 3 months to mature.

After your fruit cake has matured you are ready for marzipanning. Look for a good quality marzipan with an almond content of at least 25%. We like the Renshaws white marzipan. When marzipanning we like to use spacers to achieve an even depth. If there are any allergies or dislikes to marzipan you could use a layer of sugar paste in the same way as your marzipan.

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