Here’s what some of our students have told us

The course was a lot more than I expected.

September 2014

I would definately like to come back a do more courses.

September 2014

Very friendly, welcoming, enjoyable and informative.

September 2014

You get lots of tips, help and support.

September 2014

Very motivating and gave me confidence in my future plans.

September 2014

I will definitely recommend my friends because it’s very interesting and relaxing.

September 2014

I had a fun time and learnt something new.

October 2014

I would love to do another course.

November 2014

Absolutely the best way to spend Saturdays!

January 2015

The course was more than I expected because it was really fun.

January 2015

Kellie and Spencer were lovely and made you feel very welcome and at ease with what you were doing.

March 2015

Very friendly and full of useful information.

April 2015

A nice bonding experience with my daughter.

June 2015

I did the 2 week back to basics and found it very valuable in both learning and confidence building.

September 2015

The time seemed to go too quickly as I was enjoying myself so much.

October 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, well taught, lovely owners and teachers.

November 2015


November 2015

It was great fun and I learnt loads and feel like I can replicate in the future.

December 2015

I was made to feel very welcome and it was more than I expected.

January 2016

It was really enjoyable for parent and child to do together.

February 2016

Everything was explained and I have come away with a new technique to use.

February 2016

The tutors are very friendly and knowledgeable and made you feel able!!

February 2016