Why use an adapter for piping

An adapter or coupler is not an essential item for piping but it certainly makes it a LOT easier.  They are inexpensive and the two main advantages – they add stability to your piping bag so the icing does not seep out around the sides of your piping nozzle, which can get you in a mess and disrupt your piping; they enable you to swap piping nozzles without having to change piping bags or even worse having to empty your piping bag.

Adapters are very simple to use.

They consist of two parts – the main piece and a screw on top.  My favourite for cupcake piping is the JEM adapter.  This has two different sized top sections so you can use it with a variety of different sized piping nozzles offering even more versatility.  To use, cut the end off your piping bag and insert the main part of the adapter, place your chosen piping nozzle on the end and screw the top in place.  Fill your piping bag with frosting and start piping.  To change nozzle simply unscrew the top, swap your nozzle, screw the top on and carry on piping.

Simple to use and what a difference!  We use adapters on all our cupcake courses (as well as in our kitchens).  Have a look at our courses and we hope to see you soon.

Happy piping

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